Twenty + Change,  NEXT GENERATION, Innovation  and Excellence through Built Work, for Railway Ave. Housing  in Gillam MB and Assiniboine Park Washrooms, Nov. 2015

University of Winnipeg Students’ Association bikeLAB

2014 RAIC National Urban Design Award: Community Initiatives

Assiniboine Park Washrooms

AZ Awards 2014 Finalist for Architecture -

Commercial and Institutional Buildings Under 1000 Square M.

Gillam Town Centre

Canadian Architect 2013 Awards of Merit

With Calnitsky Associates & Architects

Foxtail Restaurant

Prairie Wood Design Award 2013 - Jury’s Choice

Stella’s Restaurant - Portage Ave.

Commerce Design Winnipeg Award 2013

as DPA+PSA+DIN Collective

Winnipeg Harvest

The Winnipeg Accessibility Award October 2011

School Gold Medal of American Institute of Architects

Peter Sampson - 1999

Lieutenant Governor’s Award - Peter Sampson

University of Toronto 1999

Canadian Architect Student Award of Excellence

Peter Sampson - 1999

Selected published works

“Where Ecology Meets Economy” in SABMag, May/June 2012.

“Floating on Water” in Canadian Architect, June 2011.

“Manitoba Hydro Place” in Canadian Architect, January 2010.

“Mr. Sandman” in Canadian Architect, May 2009.

“Urban Twist” in Canadian Architect, September 2008.

“Corner Glass” in Canadian Architect, June 2006.